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This committee shall develop and recommend to the City Council policies that will address all transportation related issues including vehicular, mass transit, bicycle and pedestrian related, including parking and traffic control. The Committee will also establish policies, with an emphasis on sustainability principles and energy conservation, regarding the design, construction, maintenance and use (both by city agencies and non-city parties) of all public facilities and infrastructure owned and/or controlled by the City.

City Council Committee Members

David A. Marshall, Chair
Jon Hinck, Vice Chair
Kevin Donoghue
Cheryl L. Leeman

Staff Coordinator: Michael Bobinsky

Current Backup Material

4-16-2014 Meeting

Agenda 3A. Sources
1. Meeting Minute-March 19 2014 3A. Business Listing
1. Meeting Minutes Letters regarding poly and paper bags 3A. Business Listing 2
2A. IMT Update Memo 3A. TSE Memo
2C. State & High Schedule 3B. Food Truck Vendor Memo
2C. Memo TSE The State and High Street 3B. revised RFP
3A. Bag Fee Ordinance Plastic Only 3B. Vending Areas Foodtrucks
3A. Bag Ban Ordinance Plastic Only 3B. Vending Areas Pushcarts
3A. Foam Code - Simplified 3B. Zoning Amendment for Food Trucks in Compass Park
Letter to TSE-framework on MOU with METRO on City street  


3-19-2014 Meeting

Agenda 2B. GPWG Foam Report - Majority
1. Meeting Minute-Jan. 15 2014 2B. Polystyrene Minority Report
2A. Cemetery Rules and regulations 2C. Bag Fee Ordinance
2A. Evergreen Cemetery Memo 2C. GPWG Bag Final Majority Report
2B. Foam Code 2C. GPWG Minority Report


1-15-2014 Meeting

Agenda Meeting Minute - Dec. 18 2013
Meeting Minute - Nov 20 2013 2013 TS&E Year In - Review


12-18-2013 Meeting

Agenda PACTS TIP application Project Locations
PACTS 16-17 TIP Application TS&E Endorse Memo  


11-20-2013 Meeting

Agenda 2. C. Libbytown Circulation Memo
Meeting Minutes Oct 16 2013 2. C. Libbytown final report
2. A1. Fore Street Map 2. C. Libbytown MaineDOTComments
2. A1. Fore Street Memo 2. C. Libbytown
2. A2. Leland Map 3. A. Solid Waste Scorecard
2. A2. Leland Street memorandum 3. A. Solid Waste Task Force score card memo
2. A2. Lincoln School Letter 3. B. Memo winter parking ban
2. B. Draft MS4 Plan_1 3. C. Pesticide usage
2. B. Portland Drainage System and Clean Water 3. D. Environmental Performance Report - 2013


10-16-2013 Meeting

Agenda 2 A4. Portland Baxter Boulevard
1. Meeting Minutes-Sept 18 2013 2 A4. Support of Sundays on the Blvd
2 A1. 409 Cumberland Memo 2B. Multifamily Recycling
2 A1. 409 Cumberland Map 2C. Memo on Somerest St
2 A2. Cumberland Ave. Memo 2C. Somerest St Cross Section
2 A2. Cumberland Map 3B. FY16-17 TIP Applications
2 A3. Bay House Letter 2 3B. PACTS TIP Communications
2 A3. Bay House Map 1 3B. PACTS-16-17 TIP Applications - Recommendations to TSE
2 A3. Middle Street Parking Memo
2 A4. Baxter Blvd Street Closure  


9-18-2013 Meeting

Agenda 2b 1 Green Building  1
1. Meeting Minute - July 17, 2013 2b 1. Green Building  2
2. Congress & Franklin 2b 2 TSE memo 5-1-2013
2. Congress St Parking Memo 9-13-13 2b 2 Solid Waste Ordinance
2. Middle Street Parking Memo 9-13-13 2b 2. Multifamily Recycling Report
2. Middle Street Map 2b 2. Recycling Draft 10-17-12
2. Sewall Street Parking Map 3a. Bikeshare Material Sept 2013
2. Sewall Street Parking Memo 7-15-13 3b. QC-SRTS-TE_Suggested priorities-Outcomes_11-20-12
2. Sebago Memo 3b. PACTS-TIP14-15_AllApps-Funded_Oct-12
2b 1. Green Building 3b. TS&E Memo - 16-17 TIP Applications

Meeting Schedule

The Meetings will be held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm in City Council Chambers.

Contact Us

For more information call (207) 874-8800. You are also welcome to contact members of the Portland City Council.