Where can I get further information?

For information regarding payment of taxes, amounts owed, and interest charges, visit the Treasury office in Room 102 of Portland City Hall or call 207-874-8490.

For information regarding valuation of property and ownership information, visit the Assessor's office in Room 115 of Portland City Hall or call the Assessor’s office at 207-874-8486.

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1. Why have a property tax?
2. What property is taxed?
3. How is property assessed? (market value)
4. How is the mil rate (tax rate) determined?
5. How does my property value (valuation) affect the amount of taxes I pay?
6. What services do property taxes fund?
7. Why do assessed values change from year to year?
8. Why has my Homestead / Veteran’s exemption changed?
9. How can I appeal my valuation?
10. How can I appeal the tax rate?
11. How can I submit address changes or corrections?
12. What is the Portland Downtown assessment?
13. Was my Homestead Exemption or any other exemption applied to my bill?
14. Where can I get further information?