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Posted on: July 24, 2020

Ten Mixed-Income Housing Projects Totaling Almost 900 Units Currently in Pipeline


Ten Mixed-Income Housing Projects Totaling Almost 900 Units Currently in Pipeline

City has not stopped working to create more affordable housing opportunities in Portland

In light of recent calls for the creation of more affordable housing in Portland, the City of Portland is sharing an overview of the affordable workforce housing projects that are currently in the pipeline and have support from the City Council. There are ten projects totaling more than 890 units of housing that have either been recently approved by the full Council, have been reviewed and approved by Council Committees, or will be before the Council for final approval in August. 

“Progress toward our Council and community goal to create more affordable housing opportunities in Portland remains front and center,” said Mayor Kate Snyder. In addition to the City’s commitment to provide emergency shelter and social services, Portland’s government is focused on advancing permanent housing opportunities. The almost 900 units that are detailed below are just what we’re currently working on in 2020.” 

Housing was highlighted as the unanimous top priority of this Council during our goal setting session this year, and as Chair of the Housing Committee, I’m proud that all of these projects have been reviewed by my colleagues and forwarded to the full Council for action,” said Councilor Jill Duson. “The projects listed below are the result of multi-year work by the Housing Committee and City Housing staff as we put forth new funding mechanisms and set asides like the Housing Trust Fund, proceeds from sale of City-owned parcels, contributions from rental registration and inspections fees, development policy (Inclusionary Zoning), and in this latest round, targeted RFP guidelines to encourage new funding models that have helped get these projects into the pipeline. I’m hopeful this is a sign that in the future we can continue this kind of activity.” 

“Everyone in our community understands the need for more affordable housing and the Council is, and has been, focused on turning that goal into a reality,” said Councilor Justin Costa, Chair of the Council’s Economic Development Committee.

The projects are the result of either an affordable housing TIF District or the recent sale of City property for the creation of housing. Tax increment financing, or TIF as it is more commonly known, is a flexible financing tool utilized by local governments to spur economic growth and assist affordable housing projects. Affordable Housing TIFs enable communities to use the increased annual tax revenue generated from the affordable housing development district to subsidize the creation of affordable housing within the district. 

The projects include:

AFFORDABLE HOUSING TIF District Credit Enhancement Agreement (CEA) Requests

The following six Affordable Housing TIF District CEAs and their City Council approval status includes:


  • 45 Brown Street = 278 units. Reviewed by the Housing Committee and targeting a public hearing by the Economic Development Committee on August 18th.

  • 337 Cumberland = 60 units. Public hearing and final vote by the City Council on August 3rd.

  • 200 Valley Street = 60 units. Public hearing and final vote by the City Council on August 3rd.

  • 83 Middle Street = 50 units. Public hearing and final vote by the City Council on August 3rd.

  • 104 Grant Street  = 23 units (homeownership). Approved by the Planning Board on April 21.  Approved by the City Council on July 13th.

Subtotal = 471 Units


  • 577 Washington Avenue Washington Gardens = 100 units. Public hearing and final vote by the City Council on August 31st.

Subtotal = 100 Units

Grand Total (for new construction and renovated Affordable Housing TIF CEAs) = 571 Units


City Council Committees (Economic Development and Housing) discussion/action and pending City Council approval status of affordable housing projects include:

  • 44/52 Hanover Street P&S Agreement Amendments (property sold to Mr. Watson in 2018). Recent request to change the development program from commercial to 171 market rate rental apartments including 17 Inclusionary Zoning affordable units. Scheduled for a City Council public hearing and final vote on August 3rd.

Subtotal = 17 rental IZ Affordable Units  

City Owned Property Disposition of Randall, Lambert and Douglass Street Properties to support Affordable Workforce Housing Projects reviewed by the Housing Committee and under review by the Economic Development Committee.

  • 21 Randall Street Proposal (two proposals) = 12 rental units or 13 homeownership units using the Community Land Trust Model. 

  • 43 & 91 Douglass Street (two proposals) = 40 rental/30 condo/10 single family homes with 10 accessory dwelling units or 56 rental and 52 Cooperative Housing Ownership units.  

  • 165 Lambert Street (one proposal) = 46 single family co-op ownership.

Subtotal = 148-167 units

Grand Total (for 44/52 Hanover Street P&S Agreement Amendment and Sale of Randall/Douglass/Lambert St Property) = 319 - 338 units.

TOTAL FOR ALL = 890 to 909 units


From 2014 to April 2020, the City has approved 2,381 units of housing, and 122 lodging house units. Of those, 1,127 housing units have been completed.

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