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Posted on: April 13, 2018

Evacuation Route Signs Going Up on Major Roadways to Guide Motorists in Event of Severe Emergency

The City of Portland has begun installing Evacuation Route signs on major roadways to help guide residents and visitors out of the city in the event of a severe emergency, such as a strong hurricane. Evacuation routes are often used to direct traffic inland in case of a hurricane threat. Evacuation route signs in Portland are being placed to direct traffic out of Portland via major routes such as 302, 26, and towards I-295 and I-95. Severe weather events are a common reason for evacuation, though an evacuation could be required for other types of emergencies. It is important to always follow instructions from local officials during an emergency and remember that your evacuation route may change depending on the type of disaster.

Evacuation Route signs are one of many tools that can be used as part of your personal or family preparedness plan. Every individual and family should have a plan for what to do if you are advised to evacuate. In the event of an evacuation in Portland, notice would be sent out through CodeRED, the City’s NotifyME alert system, posted to the City’s website and social media, and through all traditional media outlets. If there is an evacuation in Portland, information on local and regional emergency shelters will also be available by calling 2-1-1.

“The time to prepare is before a disaster. If you are signed-up to receive emergency alerts and warnings, have a Go Bag ready, and know how you will leave if you need to, then an evacuation will be much less stressful,” said Caity Hager, the City’s Emergency Management Coordinator. Events like severe weather are often forecasted days in advance. If an evacuation is required, the goal is to have the hazardous area fully evacuated before the severe weather arrives.

Additional information about evacuation:

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