Housing and Community Development

The Division of Housing and Community Development (HCD) manages and administers Community Development and Housing Programs with funds provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HCD is responsible for planning and expending funds received under three HUD programs: Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) and Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG).

The City allocates these funds to infrastructure projects, social service programs, economic development, housing rehabilitation, and affordable housing development.


HUD funds are utilized to benefit low and moderate-income Portland residents and city neighborhoods where a majority of the residents earn low and moderate incomes. HCD supports a wide variety of projects and programs including social and neighborhood services, public facilities and infrastructure in eligible neighborhoods and housing rehabilitation and housing development. The Division works in partnership with residents, non-profit agencies and City departments to benefit low and moderate-income residents and improve the neighborhoods in which they live.

More information about our housing programs, and housing resources, can be found through the links below:
  1. Loan Programs

  2. Affordable Housing Development

  3. Rental Assistance

  4. Housing Information & Resources

Inclusionary Zoning

The City Council adopted ordinance changes in October 2015 that require that all new housing developments of 10 units or more meet a 10% workforce housing requirement. Linked below are the Implementation Regulations that detail how the City's inclusionary zoning requirements may be satisfied:

A1 - Inclusionary Zoning Background and Definitions

A2 - Inclusionary Zoning Implementation Regulations for Developers of Homeownership Housing

A3 - Inclusionary Zoning Implementation Regulations for Developers of Rental Housing

A4 - Inclusionary Zoning Implementation Regulations for Owners and Tenants of Workforce Rental Units

A5 - Inclusionary Zoning Regulations for Owners of Workforce Homeownership Units

Current Area Median Income Levels (April 2016)

For any questions about Portland's Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance please contact Jeff Levine at 207-874-8430 or jlevine@portlandmaine.gov.

Housing Policy Reference Binder

The following indexed binder provides a compilation of all housing related policy tools, reports, and financial resources currently being employed by the City of Portland. The document is designed to be a reference for staff, elected officials, and the general public.

Housing Policy Reference Binder

Tenant Housing Rights Form

Tenant Housing Rights Form

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