Peaks Island Council

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Members - January 2020

Name and Email Current Address
Randy Schaeffer, Chair

2020 21 Elizabeth Street
Peaks Island, ME 04108
Andrea Kelly-Rosenberg 2020 72 Ledgewood Street
Peaks Island, ME 04108
Sarah Rafferty
2020 39 Oakland Avenue
Peaks Island, ME 04108
Michele Winchester

2020 25 Jewel Road
Peaks Island, ME 04108
Devon Kraft, Second Vice Chair 2020 224 Island Avenue
Peaks Island, ME 04108
Stephen Anderson, Vice Chair 2020 924 Seashore Avenue
Peaks Island, ME 04108
Peter Eckel 2020 Seashore Avenue
Peaks Island, ME 04108

About the Council

The Peaks Island Council was established by the City Council of Portland, Maine on July 17, 2007. In the words of the City Council resolution:

Whereas, the city is composed of many distinct neighborhoods and several offshore island communities that require appropriate and effective mechanisms to bring their local issues to the attention of the city council for review and action; and
Whereas, the city’s island communities face issues that differ from those of its mainland neighborhoods; and
Whereas, Peaks Island is the largest of the city’s islands and has substantially more year round residents than the other city islands; and
Whereas, Peaks Island’s distinctive issues and its relatively large population have led to the need for an elected body of representatives that will work closely with the city council to
address island issues; and
Whereas, the city wishes to assist the residents of Peaks Island in setting up a structure which will provide a stronger voice on island issues and in city affairs for its residents.
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