Planning, Historic Preservation and Transportation

Planning is about preserving and enhancing what makes Portland great. In the Planning Division, we work with a variety of stakeholders to develop plans and policies to help Portland thrive. In Planning, we conduct development review to ensure that developments meet City standards, as well as work on long range plans that help inform those standards.

Development review provides a project review framework that is consistent and predictable and that creates quality development that is compatible with the character of Portland. The extent of the review process depends on the size and type of development under consideration. This process is an important evaluation process for compliance with all land development regulations including zoning, drainage, traffic, environmental standards, infrastructure requirements and consistency with the city’s Comprehensive Plan. Compliance is important for the protection of the public health, safety and general livability of our community.

Development continues at a strong pace in Portland. Last year (in 2015) we permitted over 1,000 units of housing, as well as office, retail and industrial developments. We also completed the India Street Sustainable Neighborhood Plan and began work on the East Bayside Brownfields Areawide Planning Grant.

We work with a diverse team made up of representatives from various city departments to provide a timely and thorough review. The Economic Development Division, Public Services, Inspections, Fire, Parks and Recreation, Corporation Counsel, and Transportation all lend their expertise to the review of development proposals.

Planning for the Future

We plan Portland's future by building upon the City's distinct historic, cultural and natural assets to achieve a livable and sustainable built and natural environment, exemplified by dignified and engaging public spaces, a strong sense of community, and a diversity of healthy neighborhoods and business districts comprising a vibrant urban center. 

Public Comments

Please submit public comment, regarding any pending development review projects, to

All public comments are included in the review and becomes part of the public record.