Back Cove South Storage Facility


Construction Project Summary:

• Sargent and HB Fleming have completed the installation of the upper bracing and have begun on the mid-level bracing.

• The use of dewatering sumps throughout the excavation continues.

• Excavation has been complete to elevation minus 14.

• Construction of an access ramp to elevation minus 14 has been completed.

• Installation of deadman tiebacks and rodding has been completed.

Maine DEP has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact for the Back Cove South Storage Conduit Facility.  The report has been posted below under Press Releases.

BCSSF 2020-11-17 Public Update 2_Page_1
BCSSF 2020-11-17 Public Update 2_Page_2
BCSSF 2020-11-17 Public Update 2_Page_3
BCSSF 2020-09-18 September Fact Sheet Update_Page_1


Date Notice Additional Documents
05/07/2018 Geo-Technical Work Notice
09/06/2019 Geo-Technical Work Notice
11/07/2019 Neighborhood Meeting Notice Meeting Notice
04/15/2020 Sargent Phase 1B TCP and Site Layout Plan
07/13/2020 Maine DEP - Finding of No Significant Impact FONSI
BCSSF 2019-02-26 Public Information Sign