Engagement & Innovation

The City of Portland is working to increase our citizen engagement efforts and make our community an innovation hub, a place where data and technology are used to improve people's lives and make interactions with city government more efficient. Below you will learn more about a few of the projects we're working on.


The City of Portland has a new digital town hall and gathering place:  Civil Space is the City's new hub to share, discuss, inform, and collaborate on creating sustainable solutions for important issues, challenges, and opportunities in our community. Visit portland.civilspace.io today to see our current projects and surveys we have open. We look forward to gathering your feedback! And then check back often as we seek to engage you in new projects and survey opportunities. 


The City kicked off its first smart city project in January 2018 with the implementation of new LED street lights across the city. The project was made possible by the City's acquisition of its streetlights from Central Maine Power. Portland was the first city in Maine to do this under the provisions of a state law that was enacted in 2013. The City partnered with TEN Connected Solutions and Bernstein Shur to complete the ownership transfer and install the new LED fixtures. Buying the streetlights and converting them to LED provides the City with more than $1 million in savings annually. It also reduces electrical use for street lighting by 2.7 million kWh per year and contributes to safer streets by providing better quality light.

The Cree RSW lights selected provide the best lighting quality, offer the greatest energy savings of all the models submitted and follow the recommendations of the American Medical Association. They are also certified "Dark Sky Approved" by the International Dark Skies Association. 

In addition to the LED streetlight installation, the City conducted pilot projects of LED lighting on pedestrian scale light poles, installed LED lighting to illuminate the exterior of City Hall, installed new LED lighting for Deering Oaks fountain, converted the lighting in the Elm Street Garage and the Spring Street Garage to LED, and installed new lighting on West Commercial Street and at Angela’s Acre.

The City has also upgraded lighting at the Payson Park softball field, decorative lighting throughout the city, and converted lights on pedestrian scale poles.

Smart Traffic Signals

Following the installation of the new LED lights, the city was able to proceed with new smart traffic signals in Morrill's Corner that use artificial intelligence to predict and respond to road conditions in real time. Following a few months of use, data shows a 20% reduction in wait times at the Morrill's Corner intersection. 

The City has also installed these signals along the Forest Avenue corridor, from Dartmouth Street to Walton Street, to improve traffic congestion, and along Franklin Street.