Lincoln Park

Portland's first park, established as a firebreak in the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1866. Today, the 2 acre park is home to a restored vintage Parisian fountain, summer concerts and arts festivals, park benches and shade trees that provide a lush respite from the  downtown hustle and bustle.

Lincoln Park Fountain Restoration

Lincoln Park Parisian Fountain

With partnership between the City of Portland and the Friends of Lincoln Park, the beautiful vintage, four-tier Parisian fountain has been restored using the City’s Capital Improvement Program and private funds raised by the Friends of Lincoln Park. This restoration was completed in 2017.

Lincoln Park and Renovated Fountain

Lincoln Park Restoration Project

The Lincoln Park Project will involve a complete restoration of the iconic fountain, as well as reconstruction of park walkways and restoration of the original 1866 fence.

The project is a partnership between the City of Portland and the Friends of Lincoln Park. The city funded the walkway and fence restoration through the Capital Improvement Program, while the Friends of Lincoln Park raised private funds for the restoration of our beautiful fountain

The fountain restoration and walkway improvements were completed in 2017. Fundraising is ongoing for the fence restoration. Please click here for more information on fundraising to restore the historic iron fence.