Fort Allen Park

Perched high above Casco Bay, Fort Allen Park is a 10-acre oasis perfect for viewing the water, picnicking, and enjoying a summer concert at the historic bandstand. This rich historical site became a park in the 1890’s with the help of Chief Civil Engineer William Goodwin. It had previously been a Revolutionary Way Fort built in 1775 and rebuilt to guard Portland during the war of 1812. It is now home to a Civil War monument, a Historic Cannon recovered from the USS Maine that sank in the Cuban harbor of Havana on Feb 15th 1898 and a restored ship mast from the USS Portland. The park features many interpretive plaques.

Summer Concert Series

memorials and monuments in fort allen Park

For more information on Memorials and Monuments in Portland please visit this map.

USS Portland Memorial

The main mast and navigational bridge shield of Navy Cruiser “U. S S. Portland”, a historic WWII ship named after the City. On Veterans’ Day, 2008, the memorial to USS Portland at Fort Allen Park, Portland ME, was re-dedicated after extensive refurbishment by the City of Portland in partnership with Cianbro and other local businesses. 

USS Portland Memorial

USS Maine Memorial Cannon

  On January 24, 1898, President McKinley sent the USS Maine from Key West to Havana Harbor.  On February 15th, an explosion aboard the battleship killed most of the crew.  The gun was salvaged from the USS Battleship Maine, placed in Fort Allen in 1915, and restored in 2014.


9/11 Memorial

This 9/11 memorial is located at Fort Allen in a nice spot to sit and reflect. The inscription on the ground says " In remembrance of September 11th, 2001". Encircling this inscription are the names of the seven Maine victims. The City memorial was dedicated in 2003.

911 Memorial

Arctic Memorial

 The Arctic Memorial was erected and dedicated in May 2000, in memory of three thousand men and women who gave their lives in the Arctic Campaign (1941-1945, on convoys to and from Russia).  Given by the people of Murmansk City, Russia and Great Britain.  The site overlooks Portland harbor, one of the largest convoy staging areas of WWII.

Artic Memorial