Evergreen Woods

Evergreen woods is a 100 acre wooded open space featuring wetlands and a pond. Evergreen woods is a perfect place to take a hike in the warmer months or a ski or snowshoe during the winter. The Woods abuts the Evergreen Cemetery which was established by the city in 1854, the cemetery was designed by Charles H. Howe as a rural landscape with winding carriage paths, ponds, footbridges, gardens, a chapel, funerary art, and sculpture. Evergreen was modeled after America’s first rural cemetery, Mount Auburn in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The popularity of garden/rural cemeteries as designed landscapes was so great, in form and function; they pointed the way to the development of urban parks as we know them today. 

Evergreen Woods has been placed into Portland’s Land Bank by the Land Bank Commission and City Council for protection under City of Portland’s Code of Ordinance, Chapter 18

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Rules for Bringing Dogs

Dogs are prohibited in Western Cemetery and Eastern Cemetery. Dogs are allowed in Evergreen and Forest City cemeteries on 25-foot leashes. Please respect graves and gravestones when walking pets, and scoop after your pet, carrying out bagged waste.

Once you are in the Woods, dogs are allowed to be off leash and under voice control.

Wildlife & Birdwatching

The cemetery, the second-largest publicly-owned open space in the City at 239 acres, has been host to a variety of wildlife such as geese, ducks, pheasants, swans, turtles, blue heron, fox, mink, deer, and moose. Its spaciousness combined with old growth pine and oak, vegetation, ponds, and surrounding wetland, provides a true wildlife oasis. It is considered a premier birdwatching sanctuary. Maine Audubon utilizes the cemetery for field trips, to include their annual Warbler Weeks conducted in May. Evergreen Cemetery is also a wonderful location to enjoy the vibrant colors of fall foliage in Maine. 

Brentwood Community Garden 2

brentwood                   COMMUNITY GARDEN

The City of Portland’s Parks Department partners with Cultivating Community to manage 10 Community Gardens located in neighborhoods throughout the city.

The Brentwood Community Garden abuts Evergreen Woods and is near the corner of Brentwood St. and Hamblet Ave. For more information, visit our Community Gardens page!