Ice Skating Lessons

The William B. Troubh Ice Arena‘s skating lesson program welcomes all ages from 4 years to adult.  All levels of skating are taught, from tots to advanced.

 Skate Information

  • Basic skills instruction enables students to pursue interests in figure skating, hockey, recreational, or speed skating.
  • Each weekly session generally consists of a 25 minute lesson and a 25 minute practice. (The exception is for children ages 4-5 who are taught in a 30 minute format).
  • Instructors are all experienced professionals or qualified amateur ice skaters.
  • Skates are available free of charge during lessons.

Year-Round Basic Skills Schedule

Season                        Session
Fall Mini                    4-week mini session beginning early September
Fall                            9-week session beginning early October
Winter                       9-week session beginning early January
Winter                       Holiday Exhibition
Spring Mini               4-week mini session beginning mid-March
Spring                       Ice Show - Rehearsals and show. Open to Ice Skating    
                                  Institute (ISI) students and participants in our
                                  various programs.
Late Spring               8-week session beginning early May
Summer                    9-week session beginning July
Summer                    Exhibition or N’Ice Skating Competition

What is ISI? 
The Ice Skating Institute (ISI)  is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of recreational ice skating.  More than 40,000 individual members and 3,500 instructor members are currently registered through 655 member facilities in the USA! A meticulously crafted badge program provides instructors with a system of evaluation and encouragement.  ISI encourages a lifelong participation in the great sport of ice skating!

Tots 4 and 5 years old are taught in appropriate groupings for 30 minutes, including some unstructured playtime. Director may move a tot to other ice time based on ability. Tots should be dressed warmly and wear gloves or mittens and a helmet or thick winter hat. Skaters must be 4 years old on or before the first class.

Introductory are those 6 years and older who have not received prior instruction, regardless of ability.  Instructor will evaluate student and place at correct level. Dress warmly & comfortably with a helmet or thick winter hat.

Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta 
These are badge levels designated by Ice Skating Institute and are
strictly adhered to in our system. Skaters are constantly evaluated and tested at appropriate intervals. Skaters receive a patch and certificate of recognition for each level attained. Once the Delta level is passed; students may participate in a group Freestyle class.

Hockey Skating Skills 
Skaters are introduced to balance, flow, agility, speed, and correct skating technique. Introduction will include stick handling (no pucks). Hockey skates, sticks, and helmets with a facemask are required. Skaters with no ice skating experience MUST enroll in Intro/Pre-Alpha. Skaters with rudimentary forward crossovers and LOWER skills are Intro/Level I.  Skaters able to execute forward crossovers and higher skills are classified as advanced (level II and III)

Freestyle 1-10
Badge levels are designated by ISI and are strictly adhered to in our system. Skaters are constantly evaluated during the session and tested at appropriate levels.

Open Freestyle Practice
Offered to any participant currently enrolled at Gamma level or higher. This is also a good time to practice and/or receive a private lesson.*

Adults are those 16 years and older and are encouraged to enroll in our Sunday afternoon/evening classes. Adult dance is available for Gamma and higher levels.


Ice dancing combines the discipline of basic skating skills with the rhythmic expression of ballroom dancing and can be performed and enjoyed by skaters of all ages. Our group instruction is aimed at the beginner dancer, familiar with no more than the first six dances in the USFSA test structure.

Private Lessons

Should you desire a private lesson for any level skater, speak to the professional of your choice directly or Email Skating Director Lynda Hathaway  for general guidelines. Time for lessons and costs are determined with the assistance of the professional giving the lesson.