Health & Human Services

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The Health and Human Services Department consists of four unique divisions: Public Health Division, Social Services Division, the Barron Center, (A city-owned long-term care facility) Office of Elder Affairs.

We strive to enhance the health and well-being of the residents of Portland in collaboration with our community, state, and federal partners.
  1. New Mobile & Online Platform Allows City to Raise Money for Portland Opportunity Crew

    The City recently began using a mobile and online platform to raise money for its panhandling-to-work pilot program, Portland Opportunity Crew. By utilizing MobileCause's platform citizens can donate by texting CREW to 91999 or donating online. Read on...
  2. Dr. Lemire Completes 20+ Years at the India Street Health Center

    Humble as always, Dr. Ann Lemire completed her last day at India Street on June 8 without mention or spectacle. Dr. Lemire provided more than 20 years of service to the City of Portland at the India Street Health Center. Read on...
  3. Citizens Invited to Attend Portland's Age-Friendly Community Summit

    Portland senior citizens, service providers, neighborhood association members, community leaders, business owners, and interested Portland residents of any age are invited to attend the Age-Friendly Community Summit on Thursday, June 15. Read on...
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