Short-Term Rental Lottery

Short Term Rental Lottery for Non-Owner Occupied Units on the Mainland

The purpose of the short-term rental lottery for non-owner occupied units is to ensure a fair and consistent process when selecting applicants to fill the short term rental cap of 300 non-owner occupied units on the mainland in the event there are greater than 300 applicants during the inaugural year. Subsequently, applicants will be randomly selected from the wait list when vacancies are available within the cap.

Inaugural Year

  • Notify the public of when applications for non-owner occupied short term rentals on the mainland are due.  Currently, we anticipate receiving applications between October 1 and November 30. We will post an update to this website and through a press release. A determination if a lottery is needed for the non-owner occupant rental units on the mainland will be made by December 15. Applications will be sent to
  • Randomly order the applicant numbers with a random list generator and select 300 to meet the cap. The remainder will be on the wait list.
  • Review applications for completeness. Contact applicants with incomplete applications and provide 1 week to correct. If not corrected, then exclude applications from selection and the wait list. They will need to reapply in the future.
  • Process payments. Provide 1 week for applicants to correct payment information if it can’t be processed. If not corrected, then exclude applicant and randomly select another from the wait list with a random list generator until the cap is met.
  • Notify all applicants of lottery results.  
Subsequent Years

  • When there is vacancy within the 300 cap, an applicant from the wait list will be randomly selected with a random list generator and notified. If the applicant can’t be reached or pay, then applicants will continue to be randomly selected from the wait list until the cap is filled.
  • A change of ownership will put the new owner on the wait list. It is not transferable.